The Bottom Job by Triple L Marine (Page, AZ)

How the bottom looked in the Triple L yard on April 15
Perfect flat black coating, not a spot of rust showing

Another shot from May, 2008 (still in the Triple L yard). Bottom looks clean and black.
The boat was launched May 8

The boat was pulled May 12 Because:
Leaking through-hull air conditioning fitting.
When we pulled the boat... See Photos Below

The black coating was GONE. Rust was everywhere.
This boat had only been on the water for FOUR DAYS.

Generator Intake

Center - FWD

Center Hull

Center - AFT

Port Side FWD & Strake

Port Side FWD

Repaired A/C Intake

Stbd. - FWD

Strake C/U


Center - Close

Patch Area (?)


Center - Port
Triple L Marine never answered our phone calls, never answered our letters, never responded to these photos (we mailed them)... you get the picture...