It's been a long time since we have been able to take the Castle Rock "Cutoff".

A good snowpack last winter fixed that for us!

The cutoff cuts over 11 miles off our trip up-lake, and lets us avoid the congested area at Antelope Point Marina.

Saves gas, saves $$$, saves time.

We're all very happy to see it open again!
Castle Rock Cut
Open for Business

The way it looked the first day it was open - June 10, 2008
Not much room!

How it looked July 4, 2008
Enough room - Just be careful!
Traffic can be heavy at times, and there's not a lot of room between the buoys, but it all works. Note the shallow water just outside the channel in the photo at right.
A houseboat and the Ice Barge
navigate through the "Cut"

Just starting our run through the cut.

Not a lot of room between
the houseboat and the buoy...
Halfway through ...
Everybody's paying attention!

Almost home! Headed to the marina.
Castle Rock in the background.

Fellow travelers were paying attention, too!