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M42 - The Great Nebula in Orion  &  NGC 1977 - The Running Man Nebula

Away from the light pollution that blinds your vision in the city, the night sky offers incredible beauty. As Yogi Berra put it: "The more you look, the more you see". Check out the links below, where you will find a collection images and astronomy projects by Dave Graham. Enjoy!

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The Quest for Dark Skies

Light pollution is the archenemy of all astronomers. The skies over our cities are no longer dark, and we see only the brightest stars when we look toward the heavens. Visit the International Dark Sky Association website to learn more, including what you can do to help.

For those of us who remain Earthbound, the only way to escape the blinding glow of city lights is to get as far as away from these "pools of light" as possible. About 400 miles North of Tucson, and more than 200 miles from the light pollution of any major city, Lake Powell (in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area) is Dave's favorite place to set up shop.

Glen Canyon has a lot more to offer than very dark skies. Stunning beauty abounds here. For more on Lake Powell (and the houseboat you see above), click here, and browse the "Tours" pages. You'll understand.