Projects & Other Oddities
Reliable, Clean Power for the Scope, the Camera, and 12V Accessories

Power problems and all those "Wall Warts" can be a thing of the past! This high-reliability unit provides up to 10A of continuous 12V and 8.3V (Canon DSLR) power that approaches the "cleanliness" of battery power. Lots of safety features. Quiet - fans almost never run.
Meade LX200 fork balance

From the factory, the Meade LX200 series of telescopes are out of lateral balance by abut 3lb. This modification corrects the out-of-balance condition and reduces the load on the RA drive while tracking in Equatorial Mode.
3D Balance on a Budget

This inexpensive 3D balance system uses standard Meade counterweights along with other weights you might have available to allow quick, precise balancing of your scope on all three axes. Good balance reduces drive loads, and improves tracking for imaging and general observing.
Bob's Knobs Tweaker

A collimation tool that's WAY better (no kidding) than anything else I've tried to get a collimation screw right where you want it.
I kept over-shooting the focus point (even on slow speed) with my JMI Moto Focus controllers. This one-component mod lets you dial in very slow motor speeds and allows focus changes as small as 0.001".
With the dark red screen filter in place, I had trouble seeing the laptop's keyboard.    This solved my problem. Runs on 4-30V, dimmer control, sweet!
A back injury ended my ability to lift anything very heavy. This is my answer. Sets up and breaks down in under five minutes, folds into a very compact bundle for transport. Handles moderately uneven terrain without grief.
Designed to hold eyepieces that won't fit in a standard adapter, and mount 1.25" and 2" cameras as well as Canon SLRs. Those are options stacked on the end...
Sealed enclosure, Peltier cooling, thermal insulation, silica gel canister, a filter mount behind the snout, and a Canon lens mount. A webcam on steroids.