Balancing the forks of a 12" LX200 ACF

The forks from the factory were out of lateral balance by almost THREE POUNDS.

Way too much for my taste. Time to go to work.
Click Here to download a construction drawing in PDF format

First thing to do was to find a place to put the weight. This hadn't been a problem on my old Classic with the open forks, but now we have to go poking about in the innards to find a place.
Four small screws let you remove the battery box, and one set screw holds the back cover in place. It slides out once you back out the retaining set screw.


Plenty of room behind the battery box in the corner

Back view of available space
I had a lead brick lying about, a souvenir from my glow-in-the-dark days of growing up around the nuclear industry. I cut a chunk off one end, and started carving it into something that would fit.

Starting and ending points

Built in two pieces
A main block (intentionally light) and a trim block


Assembled weight before trimming

Trimming for final balance
A few trial fits to check for progress and a few passes through the mill brought the final weight to what it needed to be: 2 lb. 11 oz.

Finished balance weight
Note slot for wire clearance


Bolted in place - It fits!

View from the bottom

View from inside the fork

Wires taped in place for safety

Wider view of fork and taped wires
Put the plastic back on - We're done!